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Contact Information

Website: Unfortunately our website is not up we are in process.
Address: 5000 West Oakey Ave Ste. A-10 Las Vegas, Nevada 89146-9333
Phone: 702-878-8055
Fax: 702-878-8355
Contact: B.J.Rice
Position: Executive Director


A Second Chance for W.I.N.G.S. Inc. (Wellness-Independence-Networking-Goals-Success)is a nonprofit organization committed to helping the homeless population who traditionally endures plight. Our Mission is to improve homeless individuals lives by providing housing,food,clothing,24hr childcare,24hr transportation and on site basic life skills training which includes workshops,seminars,support groups sessions,job placement assistance and permanent housing assistance. Upon completion of the program all clients will have State ID,SS Card, Birth Certificate, Work Cards, permanent employment and permanent residence. One year follow-up will be provided to monitor progress,provide encouragement and offer continued training support if needed. We are in need of expansion money for our project the total cost is 1.5 million dollars. We asking for supporter to help us accomplish our mission. BJ RICE,DIRECTOR/FOUNDER. Thank you.

Vital Stats

Number of organizations served: 50
Number of people helped: 50
Number of employees: 21
Number of members: 18
Number of volunteers: 32


Founding Year: 2004

Founded 03 23 2004