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Bay Area Literacy (BALit) is the consortium of library-based literacy programs in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our programs provide free literacy services to adults improving their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Volunteer tutors make the one-to-one tutoring and small group classes possible.

Vital Stats

BALit's members are located from Lake County in the north through Watsonville, and from the coast east to Livermore. All programs provide free literacy tutoring for adults. Most also have computer literacy. Some work with English Language Learners, have Family for Literacy programs, and offer special opportunities, like book clubs.


Founding Year: 1984
BALit started soon after the State of California launched its library-based literacy services. Over the last 20+ years, BALit's members have collaborated to raise awareness of literacy issues, share knowledge and best practices, and strengthen the literacy services provided throughout the SF Bay Area.

Current Projects

  • International Literacy Day - BALit programs annually observe International Literacy Day on September 8th
  • Literacy Month - Many programs celebrate literacy throughout the month of September with special events and presentations.
  • Learner and Volunteer Recruitment - Programs are always in need of volunteers and new learners. More of both are essential to creating a society where all its members can read and write with confidence and live full lives.

Past Projects

  • September 2006 - Books Change Lives: Collected nominations from the public for books that changed their lives. Results at:
  • September 2002 - Literacy conference for learners and tutors.
  • September 2001 - Reading Rocks! International Literacy Day celebration
  • Name of Project - Highlights of the project.

How you can help

Volunteer Page:
Donation Page:
You can support literacy in the Bay Area! Here are 5 ideas: 1) Volunteer 2) Attend special fundraising events. Call your local program for details. 3) Spread the word! Help us reach adults in need of literacy services or volunteer opportunities. 4) Donate your cell phone to literacy. (See the web site for instructions) 5) Raise awareness about literacy issues.

Calendar of Events

Online Calendar:

2007 September
International Literacy Day, September 8 Literacy Month, all month long! Please contact your local program to find out what is planned for your community.

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