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CSI addresses the enduring questions of social philosophy: What values and public policies promote and sustain a humane, tolerant, diverse, and prosperous society? The CSI faculty stress the particularistic nature of social conditions and opportunities; knowledge of social opportunities exists only in dispersed form among the myriad participants of society. Such knowledge is best utilized by letting social action evolve bottom-up, through voluntary channels of civil society, as opposed to top-down direction by political society.

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2006 August 19

In the last several decades there has been much talk of women’s liberation and even men’s liberation--freeing women and men from traditional gender roles that limit their choices and psychological freedom to be individuals. Less discussed is the concept of family liberation—freeing the family from traditional authoritarian roles and structures that limit the choices and potentials of every person in the family. Though psychologists have researched and discussed nonauthoritarian child rearing methods and feminists have discussed more egalitarian relationships between husbands and wives, many questions and issues are yet to be answered and explored. The purpose of this conference is to examine some of these issues.

2006 Month 02

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