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Engage your listener in 60 seconds or less

To engage people about your organization, think of your basic introduction as something that can be accomplished in one elevator trip – 60 seconds or less. In that time, you need to:

  • Introduce your involvement in your organization.
  • Describe the organization itself and its work.
  • Invite involvement.
  • Do it in a way that will really grab the listener.

Please remember...

  • Personalize it for yourself and for the person to whom you are speaking.
  • You might not use all of these components; but always offer to follow-up.
  • Avoid jargon and technical terms.
  • You can adjust the order of all but the last point and blend them together.
  • Make it flow in a way that is comfortable for you and has maximum impact.

Components of the elevator pitch; use space to develop your own:

  1. Your own story/experience – introduce yourself, your position, how you became involved.
  2. Who’s affected – put a face on the people affected – use specific stories of real people whenever possible.
  3. Your organization's mission – express your organization's mission and purpose in your own words and style.
  4. A compelling statistic or fact that connects the issue to the self-interest of your listener – choose one that you can speak to with the most passion or you know will connect most strongly with your listener.
  5. Offer to follow-up with your listener – would you like me to send you information about my organization?