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During the "Ask the Experts" sessions, I asked three experts for advice on the development of the Silicon Valley Commons. Notes below.

Greg BouthinEdit

  • Wikis are good for description (e.g. who you are, what you like), but are not the best tool for community development. They don't automate certain tasks - are high maintenance.
  • Take calendars, for example. Eventful and Upcoming make it easy. Maybe you can pull calendar apps into your wiki.
  • Forums are important. Is Wikia's Forum function good enough?
  • Training, proposed webinar. That will take a lot of coordination. You should focus on making it easy to use online, e.g. step by step, visual.
  • Who owns the information?
  • If a vandal enters incorrect or damaging information into an organization's page, are you liable?
  • Info in & out. Using tools like rss and microformats, you should be able to feed into other sites (e.g. blogs), and let them feed into your site (e.g. their press releases can go directly into your news feed).

Tara HuntEdit

  • Principal recommendation for what you want to do:
    • open source content management system
    • uses wikis, calendars, video, etc - all under one domain
    • big developer network
    • lots of templates to choose from
    • good for matchmaking
    • decent search engine
    • free

Jill FinlaysonEdit

  • What I want to do with siliconvalley
    • directory of orgs, profiles
    • directory of volunteers & job seekers - profiles/resumes
    • matchmaking
    • use of categories to keep pages organized
    • calendar
    • newsmagazine, citizen media
    • showcase success stories


Comments by Lisa Carter & Greg Bouthin