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Political Vision: Because the Earth community is imperiled and the current political system has proved ineffective, Green politics has arisen worldwide through Green parties and kindred grassroots movements.


Founding Year: 1990-91

The Green Party of California was formed in 1990-91 when more than 103,000 pragmatic visionaries changed their voter registration to "Green" and thereby qualified the new party for the state-level ballot in California. The Green Party of California stands on two legs: one in electoral work (initiatives, referenda and candidates), and one in community projects and grassroots social-change movements that are compatible with the Green vision. That vision is based on Ten Key Values adopted by the U.S. Green movement.

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2006 October 03

"Meet the CA Green Party Candidates" in Mountain View. The Green Party of Santa Clara County is sponsoring a free public event to stimulate public interest, support and donations for our statewide, regional and local Green Party candidates running for election on Nov. 7. Speakers include Todd Chretien for U.S. Senator, Peter Miguel Camejo for Governor, Donna Warren for Lt. Governor, Forrest Hill for Secretary of State, Methul Thakker for Treasurer, Michael (Mike) Wyman for Attorney General, Laura Wells for Controller, Larry Cafiero for Insurance Commissioner, Carol Brouillet for Cong. (14th Dist. v Anna Eshoo) and Tian Harter a "Green" nonpartison candidate for the Mountain View City Council. Carol Brouillet and Tian Harter will serve as Program Co-Hosts.

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