Step 1: Log in or create an account

You can read and edit pages without creating an account or logging in. To create an account (which is free), just click the "log in / create account" link at the top right corner of any page. You only need a single login for all Wikia.

Creating an account is the only way to clearly attribute your work. Without a username, edits you make on any Wikia will be attributed to the numerical IP address of your computer instead. Logging in therefore also increases your privacy, because your IP address will be hidden once you are logged in. There are many other benefits to registration, such as the ability to set user preferences, and to receive email without displaying your email address.

If you create an account, we suggest you use your real name. Mine, for example, is LeoRomero.

Step 2: Create a page for your meeting


To create a wiki for your meeting using a template: in the box below, enter a description (e.g. Silicon Valley 2007-02-11 Meeting), then click on the button beneath it. This will take you to a page pre-filled with forms and information that you can edit.


To create a wiki from scratch, referring to the picture below: (1) In the Search box, type the title of the page you want to create, then press the Go button. (2) If the page does not already exist, you'll be prompted to create it. Click on the red "create this page" link. (3) Type away. Or copy what you like from our existing pages. Or both.



Step 3: Edit the page

If you created a page using the template, edit or replace the sample text on your page. There are some instructions in the page <!-- IN CAPS WITHIN BRACKETS THAT LOOK LIKE THESE --> to give you some suggestions.

After editing, click on the "Show preview" button, review and admire your work. In the "Summary" box, type a brief description of what your edit is all about, so other users may quickly see the reason for the edit. Then click on "Save page".


Step 4: Copy like crazy

We already have several pages in this site that you can copy and modify on your own pages. If you see a page that you like, click on the "edit" tab, copy what you want, paste it onto a page you created, then edit as you please. Just be careful not to accidentally modify the document that you're copying from.

Here are some pages from which you might pinch ideas:

The minimalist table of contents for the Silicon Valley group

The main page of our startup meeting

Our Organizers page

Notes from one of our prep meetings

The agenda we developed for our startup meeting

Notes some of us took from the meeting

Feedback from the startup meeting

Step 5: Learn more

Have fun!