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Ice BreakersEdit

Little-Known Facts

Each participant receives an index card, and on it writes a little-known fact about himself/herself. Split people into two groups. Collect the cards from one group (called the confessors), then distribute one card to each person in the other group (the interrogators), making sure the interrogators do not read the statements on the cards.

Have the interrogators hold the index cards to their foreheads, written side showing. The interrogators now walk around the room, asking the confessors if the card belongs to them. If a confessor sees his/her card, s/he must say "Yes." Now, the interrogator asks a series of Yes/No questions to determine the nature of the little-known fact. Continue until the interrogator gets it right.

Now, have confessors and interrogators switch roles and continue as before.


Make A Shape



This is a good tool to use to get people mingling and out of their comfort zones. Works really well in large groups.

Announce to the group at the beginning that there is a "Rainbow Rule" in effect. Explain that this means that any time someone shouts "Rainbow!" everyone needs to get up and sit next to somebody different. Explain to the group to please respect facilitators and the event flow when using this rule so it is not disruptive.


Success Stories

Gather people in groups of 3 to 5. Inform everyone that they will be participating in a role play. This role play takes place in the future, twelve months later.

Suggested background for scenario: You three bumped into each other at an airport, and you have a long layover so you decide to chat over some coffee. After a little while, one person asks, "Remember the first Silicon Valley meeting last year? How has that affected your community work?" Everybody then tries to outdo each other with their success stories.

Provide details. Role play ends after 4 minutes. Participants do not have to take turns--it can be as a normal conversation. Encourage exaggeration and poetic license, and encourage participants to relate the results to specific aspects of the event. Facilitators are hands-off during this time.

After 4 minutes, stop the role plays and invite volunteers to share the most startling success stories that they heard.