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Sunday, March 4, 2007 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Coffee Society
Attendance: Aaron Wilcher, Lynn Austin, Doreen O’Donovan, Leo Romero, David Wright
Note taker: Leo Romero, Aaron Wilcher

  • Introductions
    • Aaron, teaches American History at de Anza; wants to help this org any way he can
    • Lynn – the wet blanket – 15 years in nonprofits, 6 years in Africa, rest in California – from homeless prostheses, malaria
    • David - graphic design, publisher, open studios book, will present to public what we do
    • Doreen –Santa Clara Office of Education, Research Analyst, two years. Masters in Public Policy. Volunteered for nonprofits (domestic violence, women’s issues, education). Was president of Colorado’s Business Professional Women. Heard about our group from Idealist email. Interest s: education reform; African American students gap & achievement.
    • Leo, a former newspaper man in the Philippines, founder of Silicon Valley Commons and the Silicon Valley chapter of
  • Reviewed and approved the revised agenda
  • Organization
    • Incorporate? What obstacles might exist for doing this? A special designation?
    • Work with established 501c3 for purpose of securing venues, collecting funds for do-gooder fair
    • If we can operate under the banner of, maybe we can work under their banner: insurance, pull with scheduling meetings; Will idealist give us umbrella designation? [Aaron;s note: will they assist in gaining funding?]
  • Future formats of meetings
    • Call to order, introduction to group
    • Speakers: A draw for people to come and hear a speaker
    • Lunch: another draw for monthly meetings; How could we get catering?
    • Table discussions
  • To do:
    • Find speakers, orgs that have speakers bureaus
    • Write press release: to attract Valley nonprofits and let them know what we are up to
    • Send a note to all about prep steps for meeting (1) answer the three questions in email form, (2) prepare a two-minute pitch for projects you want others to get involved in - Leo
    • Draft talking points for fair; Aaron will come up with an introduction for next week's meeting.
    • Projects page on wiki - Doreen
    • Weekly email digest on wiki - Aaron
  • Next meeting, Sunday March 11, Coffee Society,2 pm Coffee Society 1875 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008