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Address: 84 West Santa Clara St., Suite 440 San Jose, CA 95113-1820
Phone: 408-271-7213
Fax: 408-271-7214
Contact: Russell Hancock
Position: President & Chief Executive Officer
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Silicon Valley needs innovative leadership. Joint Venture is still providing it. You and your organization can join with hundreds of leaders working in teams on our current initiatives:

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Number of employees: 6
Size of Board of Directors: 45


Founding Year: 1993

In 1992 a group of visionary people decided the best way to solve problems was to create a neutral forum, bringing together leaders from business, labor, government, the universities, and the non-profit sector to think outside the box and build creative solutions.

Current Projects

California Competes - California Competes is a state-wide coalition of technology, business and education leaders promoting a new innovation agenda for the Golden State.

Grand Boulevard - Making El Camino Real a grand boulevard, one that meets our needs and reflects our regions dynamic profile.

New California Network - The New California Network develops nonpartisan and broadly supported reforms that will rebuild the fiscal foundation and improve the performance and accountability of state government for the purpose of making California prosperous, safe and healthy for all of its residents.

Silicon Valley Econonomic Development Alliance - Silicon Valley cities work together to create a healthy economic environment, share best practices with each other and build relationships with Silicon Valley's economic engine. They get the word out there: our region is the world's best place to build a company.

Smart Health - Smart Health's mission is to create new models of healthcare delivery through the well-coordinated use of information systems.

Smart Valley - Silicon Valley is the world center for information technology, but we are not using it effectively for our own community, and our communications infrastructure is lagging behind that of many other major urban centers.

Wireless Silicon Valley - Smart Valley has partnered with city and county IT managers, and economic development staff to form the Wireless Silicon Valley Task Force.

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