Mission Statement and Strategic Plan
Sunday December 17, 2006, 10AM - 12PM
Present: Kimbra McCaul, Matthew Singh, Leo Romero, Elise Engelhardt


Summary: Continued discussion on core values, defined the organization's mission and goals.

Core Values, cont. See the discussion page for more on values development

  • This meeting we discussed:
    • Social innovation (one of the leaders in the citizen journalism movement)
    • Community collaboration
    • Have positive stories (Leo: "relentlessly sunny!"). In other words, we won't dig for dirt on people or try to ruin a person's reputation

Mission Statement See discussion page for more on the mission statement development

  • Below are some ideas that we will be putting into a cohesive mission statement.
    • Tell stories of those involved nonprofits
    • Encourage civic engagement
    • Internships/volunteer in order to give student leaders a platform in which to practice what they've learned
    • Change public view of community service - esp high schoolers. Service is not just Key Club or Interact, is not just picking up trash or working with the elderly
  • We should get feedback on the mission statement draft from community leaders and members
  • We should also clearly define what problems we're addressing (even though the problems may be implied in the statements above)

Goals See the discussion page for more on goals development

  • Publish the magazine online, with potential of going to print later
    • Get people to write each other's profiles
  • Provide program and contact information for nonprofit organizations so people can get involved
  • Establish an internship program
    • There's the possibility that we may start with a program targeted at high schoolers or college students, but we need to define the (dis)advantages for creating a focus like that.
      • For instance, we might need to use different recruitment strategies, and a college student might want more autonomy than a high school student.
  • Establish and maintain directory of nonprofits

To Do for Next Meeting

  • Matt: Working on strategic plan, filing for incorporation, etc. Mention Public Allies special edition to Bethtina.
  • Leo: Working on articles
  • Kim: Working on articles
  • Someone: Let's get business cards!