Look at:

  • "Our Story" website
  • Paul J. Lamb's page on Squidoo

Possible publication names:

  • Good Lives
    • Name can provoke discussion re: subjectivity of "good"
    • Could be just about people
  • Civic Roots
    • Could be about the orgs and issues (and maybe people)
    • Could pull stories from Good Lives
  • More likely:
    • Civic Roots is to the NYT as Good Lives is to the NYT Book Review

Strategic Plan

  • Focus on the first year of our organization

Mission Statement

  • Social Focus, Inc. increases civic participation and brings mainstream recognition to nonprofits, their people (staff? Workers?), and their communities.
  • New Idea, try to integrate: Social Focus, Inc. develops and implements socially focused, internet-based technologies, platforms, etc. to effect positive social change in the communities it serves.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a web-based, open-source, collaborative magazine platform
    • Include social networking in the description
  • Design the platform (what we want from it, what we want it to do) within the first month of hiring our lead developer
  • Develop the online magazine, potentially called Civic Roots
    • Structure
    • Content
  • Implement the platform as the online magazine
    • Maybe have specific geographic focus e.g., Silicon Valley Edition or Bay Area Edition
  • Research to see what focus funders would want from our project
  • Get people to use the magazine/social-networking site
  • Use the platform to connect people who work in nonprofits by encouraging them to write about other people who are contributing to their communities
  • Give students and other volunteers and opportunity to develop their skills in communications, journalism, and new, web-based tools (podcasting, videocasting, etc.)
    • See: RoseTimes (used for internet-based video interviews)

Action Plan

  • Get full draft of strategic plan (both)
  • Apply to incubator program (Matt)
  • Recruit people for programming our platform (both of us will do this)

Plan for meeting next Sunday at 10AM--location not decided.