Silicon Valley Commons Orientation
Saturday November 11, 2006, 10AM - 2PM
Attendees: Leo Romero, Matthew Singh, Leslie Garner, PH Yang, Ian Belvin, Donna Belvin
Notes by Matt & Leo


Summary: Each participant made a brief introduction and answered questions. Participants were assigned to write profiles of each other. Wiki training focused on basic editing, and how to use the Help resources. We planned & assigned the next steps, and voted for Matt as the facilitator of the next meeting.

Introductions - see staff and user pages

Discussion of Outreach

  • Contacting high schools, high school clubs like Key Club and Interact
  • Norcal JEA Journalism Education Association
  • Youth speaks
  • Make sure students can get community service hours for doing work for SVC; register SVC with schools
  • Contact teachers re project, get students involved; Use Stanford as a channel, Stanford New School, Stanford alumni at Public Allies, BUILD works with Stanford students; Foothill/De Anza


  • Read: Sticky messages--"Loud and Clear: Crafting Messages that Stick. What Non-Profits Can Learn from Urban Legends" by Chip Heath
  • Set up a Listserv (via Wikia or other resources)
  • Story idea tables on the website, two charts--one for community to edit, one for staff to edit
  • Organize formally as a non-profit, resources at non-profit boot camp notes, book(s) from Nolo
  • Have crash-course orientation for new contributors
  • Do tag interviews, team writing; Iinnovate does tag interviews; see what we can learn from their process
  • Starting January 2007, we may be able to use the space next to the Public Allies office for meetings

To do for next meeting

  • Everyone:
    • Send email to personal and professional networks (Leslie is drafting email templates to use)
    • Edit the Bradley article
    • Write an article
    • Think of article themes and ideas - Themes examples: Environmental justice, Youth development, Homeless, Arts
    • Subject ideas: BUILD (Founder: Suzanne McKechnie Klahr), Public Allies
    • Find and invite a speaker to speak on a topic, or a well-known person; would attract more people to come; would benefit the person/organization--publicity, article on them
  • Matt:
    • Contact people at Foothill/De Anza, Public Allies
    • Post meeting minutes online
    • Email link of Netsquared to group
    • Write profiles for Leslie and Leo
    • Prepare to facilitate next meeting
      • Make agenda (will be getting agenda sample from Leslie)
      • Give time to set group agreements, come with ideas for agreements
      • Ask for time keeper, notes keeper
  • Leslie:
    • Draft email templates to send to personal and professional networks
    • Look into getting BUILD Bayshore office for next meeting
    • Send personal email to BUILD and Youth Speaks members
  • Leo:
    • Make Matt, Leslie, and PH meetup organizers
    • Follow up with the schools and folks who did not come but RSVP'd yes
    • Set up a listserv
    • Link minutes to meetup
    • Send link to Donna & Ian
    • Video crash course - orient others really quickly