Organizers Meeting 4.2 Edit

June 14, 2007 Coffee Society

Present: Matt Singh, Hien Tran, Robin Goka, Cindy Yee

I. Last Organizers Meeting Edit

  • Survey results now on Wiki
  • Agenda for June meeting

II. Items for Future Consideration Edit

  • Strategic Plan, 501(c)3 status ==

III. Action Items: Edit

  • Membership

Call reminders to previous attendees (note: no phone numbers listed on contact list that PH Yang created, I'll ask Leo if he knows if this data was collected) Post flyers, bring buddy E-blasts to listservs (YNPN,YWSE, personal etc.)

6/24 Meeting Logistics Edit

  • Inspirational Opening – Robin has a CD
  • Keynote Speaker – Ask around for prospects, 15 minutes
  • Summer Salad Potluck – members bring dish, utensils, etc. to share with 5-10+ people
  • Announcements – Keep to Short description and contact info. Cindy will collect contact info and send out on Yahoo! Group. Organizers should try to find announcements of interest to share.
  • Issue/Cause

Focus for 2 months Either create own project or work with existing Dedicated members is what will make this work

  • Social Event

Low cost, All ages, Every other Tuesday, for example, Set event for 6/24/07 meeting, Bowling, Happy Hour, hiking, etc.