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Elliott BrownEdit

Org: Springboard Forward

i think elliott brown from springboard forward would be a great person to interview - sarah


I've attached a recent article about Spark from the Chronicle that tells a bit of it and introduces you to the program as well. - Chris

Dr Evaleen JonesEdit

Org: Child Family Health International

I highly recommend looking at Child Family Health International ( The organization has one office, which is located in SF, but serves medical students around the world, including a significant population from Stanford. CFHI also serves medically underserved areas in developing countries. The founder, Dr. Evaleen Jones, lives and works in Palo Alto and is a really inspiring person. You can reach her at evaleen at cfhi org. - Amie

I would be more than happy to provide additional information - Becky Davis, Alumni/Outreach Coordinator, bdavis at cfhi org

David TaylorEdit

Org: Radical Designs. Focused on web/tech tools for nonprofits.


ride & shelter sharing for events

Silicon Valley Toxics CoalitionEdit

getting Apple to do cleaner ipods; very relevant to valley ewaste problems

Green ActionEdit

environmental justice