Mission StatementEdit

Civic Roots Corp engages nonprofit employees and community members to write about social issues and the people and organizations who work toward social change.

Goals and ObjectivesEdit

Goals Objectives/Activities/Programs
Develop a web-based, open-source, collaborative magazine platform Design the softrware blueprint(what we want from it, what we want it to do) within the first month of hiring our lead developer
Develop the online magazine, potentially called Civic Roots Structure
Implement the platform as the online magazine Maybe have specific geographic focus e.g., Silicon Valley Edition or Bay Area Edition
Ideally, this first part of the process will finish in 6 months
Use the platform to connect people who work in nonprofits by encouraging them to write about other people who are contributing to their communities Get people to use the magazine/social-networking site
Give students and other volunteers and opportunity to develop their skills in communications, journalism, and new, web-based tools (podcasting, videocasting, etc.)
Internship program Interns develop and lead trainings on subjects such as writing, technology related to our platform. That way the interns get the leadership experience, and the organization benefits from having more people aware of its services and technology, and the community benefits from being better able to utilize the emerging internet technologies.