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Address: 2401 Shadelands Dr., Suite 112 Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Phone: (925) 472-5767
Fax: (925) 472-5780
Contact: Tracy Murray
Position: Executive Director
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The Volunteer Center operates with the mission of linking people who care with people in need. The Center's purpose is to increase community involvement and its organizational belief is that increased involvement offers tangible benefits to all participants -- volunteers, agencies, recipients of service, and civic life as a whole. On an annual basis, we provide information to over 50,000 people. Center staff and volunteers provide training, technical assistance and presentations to organizations interested in volunteerism and volunteer management.

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Current Projects

  • Volunteer at the Sunset House! Sunset magazine is building their 2006 Idea House in the Danville area and has chosen the Volunteer Center as its nonprofit partner. This is an invaluable opportunity for the Center to showcase its programs and services. Sign up as a volunteer for the house and you can get an insider's view of the latest in home design and technology.
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Past Projects

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The Volunteer Center gratefully acknowledges support from its community members. The Center is funded through individual gifts, foundation grants, corporate contributions, and government funding. We express our warm thanks and appreciation to all of our supporters. Our major contributors include the following:

Bridges Foundation Chevron City of Walnut Creek Contra Costa Times Corporation for National and Community Service Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation East Bay Community Foundation Hallock Family Foundation John Muir/Mt. Diablo Community Health Fund Lockheed Martin Employees' Foundation San Francisco Foundation United Way of the Bay Area Walnut Creek Fountain for Youth WestAmerica Bank Y & H Soda Foundation

How you can help

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Our system allows you to establish volunteer profiles, receive automatic emails about service opportunities, and search by issue area, geography, or even key words.

Calendar of Events

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