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Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Executive Director, Craigslist Foundation

Pick big problems to bring into your life

  • what would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • majority of difficulties we bring upon ourselves, we choose them
  • bay area is canvas for social change, what are you going to paint on it?
  • intention is a very powerful source; be careful where you point that thing
  • boot camp can be a transformative event
  • open yourselves to the potential, opportunities, connections
  • difference between dreamers & visionaries:
    • dreamers – know A & Z, where they're at and see us going
    • visionaries go from B to Y

Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate

  • it's the work, the cause, the community that's essential – the work and the need in the community
  • put service before ego
  • 80% of those who want to start can change without incorporating your own 501c3 – lots of other alternatives, e.g. fiscal sponsorship
  • sometimes the best way to grow the pie is to give away a few slices
  • one of the best ways to grow your ideas is to invite new people in
  • surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • empower them to take components and run with them
  • dog eat dog world? "Fear not, dogs don’t eat dogs" (Kevin Danaher)
  • get outside of your cause, outside of the reason you're here
  • find two people that you can help in some way; watch how quickly that comes back to
  • split up from your colleagues
  • debrief later network now

Less is more

  • we're all compassionate people, involved in service and philanthropy
  • have natural tendency to fix things, serve, make the world a better place
  • there are so many opportunities to fix things, to create change
  • the challenge is not to dilute our efforts
    • crystallize – have a crystal clear focus about why you need to exist
    • a vision of how different the world will look like when you achieve it
    • three things you'll do to get it
  • mission creep – the risk you run
  • get focus, get buy in