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Address: 30 north 3rd street, san josé, california 95112
Phone: 408.295.8378
Contact: Erin Pannu
Position: President
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Works/San José is a non-profit, volunteer-run contemporary art and performance center dedicated to providing a venue for artists, ideas, and images that expand the scope of cultural and artistic experience.

Works seeks community involvement and fosters a mix of emerging and established artists and curators who often have limited access to commercial spaces and large institutions. Works provides exhibition space, honoraria, installation assistance, and publicity. Works also has an Artist-in-Residence program that awards local artists with working space for three months. Primarily a volunteer organization, Works is operated by a working board, an advisory board, one part-time gallery coordinator, and several active volunteers.

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Founding Year: 1977
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Current Projects

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Works/San Jose is member supported and is funded in part by the City of San Jose, Arts Council Silicon Valley, and through ‘Advancing the Arts Initiative,’ an initiative of Community Foundation Silicon Valley, funded by the James Irvine Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

How you can help

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Works is a non-profit, volunteer run, exhibition and performance space. As such, we cannot survive without the time and money you donate to Works. Here's how you can help us:

  • Visit the gallery
  • Become a member
  • Buy art in our auction
  • Volunteer at a reception
  • Buy a t-shirt
  • Help gallery sit and keep our doors open
  • Buy one or our specially commissioned, very limited edition prints
  • Join the board of directors

Calendar of Events

Online Calendar:

2006 7/18-8/13

ex_XX :: post position. CADRE after 20 years. Reception: Friday, July 21st, 7 - 9pm. This exhibition surveys 20 years of work developed by artists in San Jose State University’s CADRE Laboratory for New Media. (CADRE: Computers in Art, Design, Research and Education.) This show will be part of the International Symposium on Electronic Art, to take place in San Jose and surrounding areas in August 2006. This prestigious biannual international symposium/art and technology festival will feature a global gathering of leaders in the art, science and technology communities.

2006 August 8, 7pm

New Media Performance. Carlos Castellanos presents BodyDaemon: A bio-responsive Internet server and performance. Carlos Castellanos is an interactive media artist, National Science Foundation IGERT fellow and graduate student at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at Jose State University. His research and art practice focuses on Software/Network Art, DataMapping/Visualization/Sonification and Physical Computing. Most recently he is exploring relationships between the human body and mind to digital technologies, particularly the Internet and it's underlying structures.

2006 August 8, 9pm

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity: The Musical by James Morgan. The movie will be preceded by a performance situated in the institutional understanding of special relativity. James Morgan has degrees in art and mathematics. His work incorporates fine art, performance, science and pure theory. In producing the work Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity: The Musical, he follows theory from nature to observation to representation and finally to entertainment.

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